DITID innovation metrics mid-career research fellowship: measuring and accelerating Australian entrepreneurial dynamism

Project overview

Data is the new oil. There has been no other time in our history where data has been so valuable. However, accessing, harnessing and unlocking the power of data requires strategy and investment. This project offers Queensland the opportunity to remain ahead in the data race and be on the forefront of micro-business data globally.

This project will undertake the first systematic assessment of innovation-driven entrepreneurs and ecosystems supporting Australian entrepreneurial dynamism. To do so, the project will assess both the quantity and quality of Australian entrepreneurship across time and place, the contribution of Australian startups in shaping economic outcomes such as job creation and output (revenue), and the role of local and State initiatives in supporting the growth of these startups. This project will use the Queensland Connects program as a test case for the utility of regional innovation, and entrepreneurship metrics and program evaluation to inform the evaluation of policy decision making for the Advance Queensland initiative.


  • Integration of the Longitudinal Australian Business Integrated Intelligence DataVault with the Business Longitudinal Analytic Data Environment.
  • Development of Entrepreneurial Quality Index Modelling for Australia enabling tracking and benchmarking of regional Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurs.
  • Causal program evaluation of the Advance Queensland and Queensland Connects program with pivoted outcomes relating to COVID-19 impacts on Queensland businesses and entrepreneurs.

Project team

  • Dr Char-lee Moyle, DITID Innovation Metrics Mid-Career Research Fellow
  • Chad Renando, Innovation Metrics Research Fellow
  • Vibhor Pandey, Advance Queensland Masters Scholarship Recipient
  • Nicole Blackett, Program Director, Advance Queensland Insights Unit, Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development
  • Dr Santi Owens, Manager, Advance Queensland Evaluation – Advance Queensland Insights Unit, Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development