COVID-19 Clinical Data Analytics Platform

The COVID-19 Clinical Data Analytics Platform (CDAP) is maintained by the eResearch team in the Division of Research and Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, and assisted by team members from University of Sydney and Monash University.

Our vision is to save lives by establishing a data analytics platform for COVID-19 patients which will capture information about their background, symptoms, laboratory and imaging data, treatment and health outcomes.

By leveraging this data from across the country, we can more rapidly understand and predict who is at higher risk for severe illness, and which treatments and management strategies result in the best outcomes.

A central data repository will be populated using standardised web-based case report forms (CRF), and where possible, data will be extracted from electronic medical record systems. The analytic platform will also help support the implementation of clinical trials assessing different interventions for COVID-19 prevention and treatment.

With patient consent, we aim to capture health data related to COVID-19 from multiple sources including clinician-entered electronic case report forms, electronic patient self-reports, pathology laboratories, hospital electronic medical records and primary care (e.g GP clinics).

For more information, visit the CDAP website.