Partner with us

Our capabilities

Our centre is perfectly placed to draw together expertise from across QUT. We bring together specialists with different perspectives and skill sets from across the university to solve common problems for our industry clients.

Our researchers are specialists in disciplines including:

  • artificial intelligence
  • genetic and health statistics
  • social network analysis
  • process management
  • computational algorithms
  • entrepreneurship
  • machine learning
  • computational statistics
  • participatory design
  • information security
  • experimental design
  • Bayesian statistics
  • process modeling
  • data ethics
  • Blockchain
  • anomaly detection
  • computer science
  • operations research
  • Internet of Things

Applied research solutions across industry

We apply our capabilities to solve challenges for organisations, and have extensive experience working on projects across sectors including:

  • biomedical and health
  • transport and logistics systems
  • law
  • aerospace
  • genomics and bioinformatics
  • finance
  • psychology
  • environmental sciences
  • economics
  • neurobiology
  • econometrics
  • digital media

How we can work together

We offer a range of ways you can work with us to push your organisation beyond today’s challenges and drive future strategies. Contact us to discuss a partnership to suit your needs.

Co-funded PhD scholarships

Build the capacity of your team and harness our student talent through a mutually beneficial co-funded scholarship. Supervised by our researchers, PhD students work with key professionals within your organisation on a research project.

Through this relationship you can leverage our world-leading research capabilities to:

  • help solve research and business challenges
  • increase performance
  • develop a culture of innovation within your organisation
  • strategically expand your talent pool
  • test out ideas on a smaller scale with low risk before committing to a large-scale operation.

The project forms the basis of the student’s PhD while they gain invaluable industry experience working with you.

Financial investment and duration

  • Partner organisation contribution: $20,000 per year for three years with a possible six-month extension.
  • Centre contribution: up to $10,000 per year.

Undergraduate student projects and placements

Tackle your industry challenges and investigate opportunities by offering industry-based work experience for students.

QUT’s work-integrated learning program connects your organisation with undergraduate business and IT students through short-term work placements and semester-long industry-based projects. Benefit from fresh ideas, connect with potential future employees and give back to the future of your industry.

Contact us to discuss student projects and placements.

Strategic partnerships

We foster strategic, ongoing collaborations with key industry partners where we have identified mutual core priorities. We are open to discussing and exploring strategic partnerships that are focused on future engagement.

Contact us to discuss how we can explore strategic partnerships.

Industry partnership schemes and industry centre programs

Drive innovation and solve business challenges through collaboration and research solutions. Industry partnership schemes and industry centre programs are an attractive collaborative option for both industry and university researchers. They aim to improve the transfer of skills, knowledge and ideas, and enable growth and productivity for globally competitive industries. Examples include:

Commercial research and consulting

Partner with us through longer-term commercial and collaborative projects investigating research solutions of mutual interest. We offer:

  • the ability to jointly develop a specific project that’s important to you
  • skills based on research and applied knowledge
  • world-class research infrastructure and facilities
  • access to domestic and international networks.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Data Science for Social Good

Data Science for Social Good program offered by QUT Centre for Data Science is an initiative to solve some real-world challenges with social impact using data science research. This program invites small projects involving problems or challenges having impact on social good from different not-for-profit organisations. QUT Centre for Data Science, forming a small group consisting of students, data scientists and mentors will deliver the solution to the problems in the form of report, codes, apps, algorithm, models or whichever required to meet the criteria of the projects. The program will be beneficial to both the students and the organisations. Read more here.