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This program makes data science more accessible to teachers and students through games that are print and play and require minimal resources, linking activities in meaningful ways to the Australian Curriculum, and ensuring they can be adapted to all year levels by adding or removing optional gameplay elements. These game sheets are each created in conjunction with a subject-matter expert from the Centre for Data Science. They are translated into school-specific gameplay mechanics by STEM Tabletop Game Workshop Coordinator Jack Ford Morgan, who has been creating games from QUT projects for 3 years, and created tabletop games professionally for 6 years prior.

Game Sheet Catalogue

Proceed to Gate

You have been selected to build the biggest, busiest airport you can! Many things can go wrong, but Data Science can help predict these dangers! Armed with these powers and your ability to work together, you will be able to keep the plains in the sky and the airport running smoothly.

Virtual Reef Diver

Dive into the beautiful Great Barrier Reef as citizen scientists on the frontline of Australia’s fight to save the largest reef on earth. Using your powers of deduction, you will identify a vast arrage of marine life and utilise advanced technologies to navigate your way through natural disasters and the catastrophic impacts of climate change. Join your fellow divers and lead the fight to protect and save the reef!

Sats & Stats: Return to Earth

Blast off into the future to discover the true power of satellite imagery! Based on PhD work by Dr Jacinta Holloway-Brown, S&S:RtE places students in the cockpit of a fleet of starships returning to a post-apocalyptic Earth to survive, thrive, and resettle the planet. By deploying satellites and ground teams, analysing data, and moving around a room from continent to continent, our new class of Space Captains will be able to research, predict, and execute missions to further their collective goal. Seeing past the present is possible with data science, and retaking the Earth is your future!  Download and print all three below:

Monster Battle Arena

Biosphere 3

Create and control your very own ecosystem, managing plants, herbivores, carnivores, and insects to try and create a balanced world that will be able to endure and self-sustain many years into the future. Choose how many of which organisms to introduce into your biosphere, track their movements and activities, and collaborate with the other players to keep your own organisms, and the biosphere as a whole, alive.

Inspired by the real-life Biosphere 2 experiment, which can be seen here:

This game sheet was developed in partnership with the Centre’s Environment and Natural Systems Domain.

COVID Crushers

Work as a team to track the spread of COVID around the world, constructing a graph of the rate of spread, and then choose one of three interventions to deploy (Masks, Isolation, Vaccines) and re-track to see their impact on the global outbreak.

  • A fun statistical experiment that allows direct impact and prediction of player choices
  • Statistical analysis and prediction, without the complexity of large datasets Gameplay can be reduced to just the first page (Dice Rolling and Data Tracking) for Grades 1-3
  • Gameplay can be extended by combining interventions for Grades 10-12 Teamwork
  • Requires dice to play, and scissors to cut out pieces (unless precut before class)

This game sheet was developed in partnership with the Centre’s Health and Biological Systems Domain.

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Games have the power to educate about science and inspire a love for the pursuit of truth. This guide will teach you how to make tabletop games that raise science awareness.

As part of her Masters thesis, Hannah built a 33 step video series detailing the research and processes of design, manufacturing, and distributing STEM-themed tabletop games. If you’re interested in the process or creating your own, definitely check out and share this Guide. ”

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