Sports Systems Domain

Domain vision

Domain Leader: Dr Paul Wu

Domain Co-Leader: A/Prof. Divya Mehta

Sport plays a critical role in our health and wellbeing, and is a core component of the Australian way of life with 8.4 million adults and 3 million children participating in sports each year. Recent advancements, developments and proliferation of technologies such as use of wearable devices and camera systems in elite and even recreational sports, now allow us to collect data using innovative methods. However, collecting the right data and interpreting it is challenging, due to complex interactions between the human body systems and factors including training, performance, injury and illness, genetics, psychology, sleep and social perspectives.

Our vision is to tackle key challenges and support day-to-day decisions in sports and fitness through innovations at the intersection of data science, and the sports, exercise and physiological, and psychological sciences.

The Centre for Data Science Sport Systems Domain leverages a 3-year strategic partnership between the Centre, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS). This core partnership links to an array of sports organisations including swimming, triathlon, paddling, tennis, AFL, and other researchers in the Australian Data Science Network and overseas. Within QUT, our domain leverages interdisciplinary collaboration across schools in Science, Health and Business faculties and with other research programs and domains in CDS.

Our research addresses many aspects of sports data science, including the development of cutting-edge methods to help address the challenges posed by complex datasets and complex systems associated with sports. These challenges include a need for personalised models and inference, small yet focussed athlete datasets, wide datasets and dimension reduction for interpretation, high frequency sensor data, and dynamic, time-varying systems. In light of the announcement of the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and associated investment and focus on sports and data science, the Sports Systems Domain aims to facilitate novel and multidisciplinary research which will be showcased on the global stage.


Current Opportunities

Sports Data Science and AI Next Generation Graduates Program (NGGP)

The Centre for Data Science (CDS), the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) are leading a consortium of government and industry organisations in sports, sports and biomedical technology, CSIRO and 4 universities to develop pioneering sports data science capability in the ‘green & gold’ lead-up to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Associate Investigators

Data Science @ QUT representatives