Responsible Data Science

Program vision

Program co-leaders: Bernadette Hyland-Wood & TBD     

Data runs our world. In the wake of recent public health crises, Australia’s energy transition, and privacy concerns, our capabilities, and competencies to responsibly use data is of unparalleled relevance.

Industry, government, academia, and civil society benefit from the responsible collection and use of data. Access to relevant, timely data can (a) stimulate social and economic innovation, (b) improve government services and efficiency, and (c) increase public trust. To achieve these objectives, civil society, industry, and government, must engage in a rapidly changing data ecosystem with heightened awareness of the potential harms of ill-conceived data collection and use.

The Responsible Data Science Program is focused on improving data fluency, data stewardship and data sovereignty capacities. In collaboration with community and industry association partners, the Program delivers relevant perspectives and evidence-informed recommendations for Australia’s emerging data policies, governance frameworks, and regulation.  With an emphasis on data policy and governance, this Program connects complementary technical and applied research at the nexus of sensemaking and data-driven decision-making capabilities within the QUT Centre for Data Science.


The Responsible Data Science Program draws on a range of nationally and internationally recognised research expertise in AI, ethical and explainable AI (XAI), data governance, data sovereignty, data federation, digital media research and technology law. Within the context of applied data science, the Program engages on issues of national and global significance, bringing together traditional and new voices on approaches, standards, and best practices in support for trustworthy data.

By convening participants from industry, government, academia, and civil society in focused, time bounded collaborations, the Program aims to build Australia’s expertise and engagement in responsible data collection and use through active engagement, and a portfolio of research projects, programming, and educational opportunities.


The Responsible Data Science Program facilitates roundtables and workshops, responds to government calls and submissions, conducts research, and engages as a trusted international collaboration partner to promote responsible data science.

Signature activities include a collaboration with the Queensland AI Hub to measure and evaluate the maturity of Australia’s AI industry, called the Queensland AI Capacities Survey. It assesses uptake of AI initiatives that promote the use and support for AI, AI ethics awareness, perceived value of the AI industry, and scope of Queensland’s workforce supporting AI research and development.