Health and Biological Systems

Domain research

Domain Co-leaders: Associate Professor Dimitri Perrin, Professor Dale Nyholt and Associate Professor Darren Wraith

The Health and Biological Systems (HBS) domain encompasses a broad range of research areas and expertise, spread across multiple schools and faculties at QUT. The HBS domain is at the intersection of biology, computer science, statistics, and health. Some prominent examples of research undertaken within our domain include working with agent-based models for biomedical systems (e.g., immunology and epidemiology), and working with omics and other patient/population data in health.

The primary mission of the domain is to bring together researchers from different disciplines and research expertise working with health and biological systems data.

Our vision is to develop a community of researchers spanning the entire pipeline from discovery to application of knowledge and insight from complex health and biological systems—through data management, data analytics, data mining and machine learning, data modelling and communication (including visualisation)—to generate data-driven solutions through understanding real-world health and biological issues.

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