Government Systems

Domain Vision

Domain Co-Leaders: Dr Gentry White and Professor Kevin Desouza

ECR Co-lead: Dr Aiden Price

Partnering with government agencies to improve people’s lives.

Developing cutting-edge, data-driven solutions to drive innovation in public agencies, public policy processes, and governance systems. Our research:

  1. Addresses the urgent challenges facing public agencies trying to make sense of their vast data reservoirs to create and implement evidence-driven public policy.
  2. Designs and evaluates computational solutions driving innovation in the business of government, and
  3. Solves challenges faced by public agencies designing, developing, and deploying data-driven systems

Domain Initiatives

Responsible Data Science Symposium

ACEMS and the QUT Centre for Data Science ABS Co-Chair of Government Statistics hosted the inaugural Responsible Data Science Symposium on 3 December 2021.

Symposium resources


Dr Gentry White

Dr S Kate Devitt


Australia’s AI Ethic Principles
IEEE Transparency Standard P7001
The Effective and Ethical Development of Artificial Intelligence: An Opportunity to Improve Our Wellbeing


1. A/Professor Gentry White (ACEMS, Associate Investigator; and QUT Centre for Data Science, ABS Co-Chair Data Science in Government Systems Domain) – Welcome & Exploratory Overview of “Responsible Data Science”

2. Professor Rachel Thomas (, Co-founder; QUT Centre for Data Science Data Scientist in Residence) – Ethical Artificial Intelligence

3. Professor Timothy Miller (Centre of AI and Digital Ethics, Co-Director) – Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

4. Professor Kevin Desouza (QUT Business School/Centre for Data Science, Professor of Business, Technology and Strategy) – AI & Public Agencies: A Maturity Model

5. Dr. S. Kate Devitt (Trusted Autonomous Systems (TAS-D) CRC, Chief Scientist) – Australia’s AI Governance Frameworks & Pragmatic Tools Manage Ethical Risk

6. Professor Dan Hunter (ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making + Society (ADM+), Chief Investigator; QUT, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Law) – Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (FATML) in Machine Learning and Mr. Aaron Snoswell (ACEMS UQ, PhD to be conferred; Research Fellow in Computational Law at ARC ADM+S) – Overcoming AI Opacity in Civil Litigation

7. Dr. Tristan Perez (Boeing Research Australia, Principal Systems Engineer – Mission Systems & Autonomy) – Data-driven Verification of AI – Fundamental Limitations & Feasible Solutions