Computational Algorithms

Program Vision

Program Leader: Associate Professor Chris Drovandi

Program Co-Leader: Professor Matthew Simpson

Efficient computational algorithms are central to many data science tasks such as parameter estimation, model selection, experimental design, optimisation, clustering and prediction. This program will consolidate and create new computational algorithms to enable new discoveries across science and technology, addressing modern obstacles such as complex mathematical models and challenging data. We will achieve this by advancing and melding statistical, machine learning and computer science algorithms that are capable of exploiting modern parallel computing architectures.

The computational algorithms program has obvious links to all programs in the Centre for Data Science.  It will support innovation in data acquisition, process data-focused models, complement new data science methods and facilitate decision making under uncertainty.  These algorithms will be applied across multiple disciplines in the data science network at QUT, including health, biology, finance, ecology, robotics and the environment.

Associate Investigators

Data Science @ QUT Representatives