Complex data analytics

Program vision

Program Leader: Associate Professor Richi Nayak

Program Co-Leaders: Dr Simon Denman & Dr David Warne

Academic and commercial research in data science is making a positive impact on our daily lives across a very wide range of disciplines. Complex and multi-faceted datasets have been generated with interaction of machines and humans. These datasets pose new challenges to existing data science methods and algorithms and require innovative data led solutions to discover new potential.

The Complex Data Analysis program aims to generate solution to approach data challenges that arise by applying data science algorithms and models to complex datasets, ranging from text data to sensor data, generated from real-world industry problems.

This program will have strong links with other programs in CDS and the broader DataScience@QUT community to identify potential applied data science problems and solutions. This program will bridge gap between the academic provide a strong link between the fundamental data science and the real-world data science solutions.