Data Science Models and Methods

Program Vision

Program Leader: Associate Professor Paul Corry

Program Co-Leader: Professor Timothy Moroney

The underlying laws and relationships driving complex real-world systems can be unknown, but manifest as structure and patterns within observed data. Whilst more data is being collected and stored than ever before, there is no value in data until it is converted to information and decisions. Data focused models bridge the gaps between data, information and decisions, providing a conduit to extract value from data.

The Centre will consolidate know-how within the university, both in fundamental methods and domain focused applications in data focused modelling. This collective along with our industry, university and international partners will provide direction, capability and capacity within the program to address fundamental challenges in data focused modelling.

This research program will develop new approaches to discovering models which describe hidden structure in data, and explore new ways to exploit these models. Through open dissemination of this work, data science practitioners and researchers internationally will benefit from our discoveries.

 Associate Investigators

Data Science @ QUT Representatives