Our work

Our core research areas

Innovation in data acquisition and design 
We have developed methods for dealing with new sources and types of data, including digital, virtual reality, expert/citizen and unstructured data.
Frontier methods in data-focused modelling
We use novel models to describe and make decisions about complex real-world systems, and methods to ensure high quality, open, reproducible data science.
Advances in analytics
We have developed scalable, efficient computational algorithms for analysing dimensional and highly structured data.
Data-focused decision making
Our new methods for visualisation, communication and interpretation of data and analyses allow for improved decision-making, and the critical evaluation of issues related to the role and use of data science in society (e.g. trust, ethics and privacy).
Applied data science
We collaborate to develop novel data science methods for domain-specific research.

Our Services

Australian Data Science Network
We are the lead node for the Australian Data Science Network. We are creating a national network of like-minded groups to enhance research, learning, outcomes and opportunities for data science researchers.
We provide research training for higher degree research students, early career researchers and undergraduate interns.
Knowledge exchange
Upskill with short courses, seminars, MOOCs and professional sabbaticals.
External data science services.
We offer commercial research and consulting services and professional training in data science.