Data Science Under the Hood Seminar Series

Join us for the first Data Science Under the Hood Seminar Series. The seminar series aims to disseminate fundamental and cutting-edge data science methods that have been developed across several disciplines.

Factorization based Text Mining Algorithms and Application, Associate Professor Richi Nayak

Date and time: POSTPONED

The Centre for Data Science Associate Professor Richi Nayak will be presenting on:

The rapid increase in the number of large repositories containing digital documents emphasizes the development of effective methods to manage the embedded content. Factorization methods have been used to analyze and obtain meaningful insights from the text collections. This talk presents how a factorization method can be used to represent the high-dimensional data and obtain a low-order representation. It further provides insights on how the low-order representation can be used in applications such as clustering anomaly detection, community detection, and personalisation.


Location: QUT Gardens Point Campus, Z-1065 Gibson Room 
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Start Date: 27/03/2020
Start Time: 2:30 pm
End Date: 27/03/2020
End Time: 3:30 pm
Cost: Free
Organiser: QUT Centre for Data Science
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