Exploring how older adults make sense of wellbeing data

This webinar is part of our Data Science “Under the Hood” Series

Speaker: Dr Sirin Roomkham – QUT School of Computer Science The research presents the pilot of a collaborative sense-making study with older adults using dialogues to elicit their narratives of well-being from a smartwatch. There have been many attempts to use technology to enhance the well-being of the growing aging population. While well-motivated, many of these have adopted strongly quantitative approaches that often fail to meaningfully connect with the people whose lives they seek to improve. Furthermore, without those meaningful connections, accurate data analysis and valid interpretation become very challenging. In this pilot study, we engaged with an older couple in a six-day home trial of a commercial smartwatch to collect and make sense of smartwatch data about their daily activities. Even as small, initial trial, this investigation has catalysed valuable insights on how to improve human-data interaction and, ultimately, enhance well-being.

Dr Sirin Roomkham is a Lecturer in Computer Science at the Queensland University of Technology, where she completed her Master of Information Technology (Research) and received her PhD in Computer Science. Her research is focused on the use of consumer-grade technologies (digital devices such as wearables and smartphones) for health research. Her research interest is to demystify challenges and opportunities to improve human’s health and well-being. Therefore, she is keen to undertake research that 1) designs and develops mobile health applications (mHealth apps), 2) evaluate the use of mHealth apps for specific end-users and 3) analyses quantitative/qualitative data in collaboration with health experts and professionals. In parallel with her research, she has made a substantial contribution to teaching in the School of Computer Science. She has been involved with Introduction to Computer Systems, a core unit in the first year of our Bachelor of Information Technology, for several years. It is a large unit (900+ students per semester), where the teaching team works with a wide range of skills and abilities in the cohort. In addition, she delivered the first Design of Computer Systems two-week intensive for high school girls with colleagues. This program was designed to encourage more women/girls in IT.


Start Date: 27/10/2022 [add to calendar]