Detecting and analysing coordinated inauthentic behaviour on social media

Presented by Timothy Graham

In recent years, the global surge of bots and trolls that manipulate public discussions on social media has created serious problems for political elections, natural disaster communications, and global health crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Although there has been progress in the use of supervised machine learning to accurately classify malicious actors such as bots, such tools and methods are not suited to detect coordinated inauthentic behaviour, for example orchestrated disinformation campaigns that involve hundreds or even thousands of coordinated accounts that amplify particular content and narratives. This seminar presents a novel approach to detecting coordinated activity on social media using a pairwise comparison algorithm and network analysis methods. It provides case study examples of application areas and preliminary results, along with challenges and open problems in this new field of research.



Start Date: 29/05/2020 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 2pm
End Date: 29/05/2020
End Time: 3pm