Over the Horizon

In this Data Science in the News webinar, we will be exploring what’s over the horizon when it comes to data science and the role it plays.

Seminar Recording


  • Professor David Lovell – Deputy Director of the QUT Centre for Data Science


  • Professor Kerrie Wilson – Pro Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability Strategy), Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Dr Selen Turkay – Lecturer in Computer Human Interaction, member of Planetary Surface Exploration, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Professor Jason Ford – Professor in Electrical Engineering, member of the QUT Centre for Robotics, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
  • Dr Jacinta Holloway Brown – Research associate & PhD candidate at ACEMS, Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Session Topic

This week we explore what’s over the horizon for data science—literally, as our panellists take us over the horizon to Antarctica, above the horizon to spot oncoming aircraft, way above the horizon to satellite imaging of planet Earth, and to the horizon of another planet entirely: Mars. We look forward to expanding your data science horizons!

About our moderator and panelists

Professor David Lovell is a Professor in the QUT School of Computer Science, Deputy Director of QUT’s Centre for Data Science, and leader of the Centre’s Data-Focused Decision-Making Program. David’s research interests lie at the intersection of humanity, science and technology, particularly data science. We humans are the ones who stand to benefit (or suffer) from systems that use data to make or inform decisions that affect our lives. David wants to ensure that science and technology are developed, designed and delivered with this in mind so that our world is better as a result.

Professor Kerrie Wilson is the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability Strategy) and previously the Executive Director of the Institute for Future Environments at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Kerrie has two decades of experience leading and conducting research into the science, strategy and policy of conservation. She is particularly interested in applied resource allocation problems, such as how to invest limited resources to protect or restore biodiversity and what sociopolitical and institutional factors influence investment success in conservation.

Dr Selen Turkay is a Lecturer in Computer Human Interaction within the School of Computer Science at QUT. Her research interests include design of personalized, interactive, and collaborative learning environments. Her research approach is a synthesis of mixed methods, qualitative to quantitative (focus groups, case studies, diary studies, content analysis, surveys, eye-tracking, true experiments, and data analytics).

Professor Jason Ford is a Professor in Electrical Engineering at QUT. Jason’s technical expertise is in the area of information-theoretic and optimisation approaches to model-based filtering, estimation, detection, decision and planning for dynamic systems and their related inverse problems. With this expertise, he is striving to understand the role of models in knowledge so that he can design more capable technology. His current research interests include aerial platform autonomy for infrastructure inspection and low signal-to-noise ratio anomalous signal detection with application in aerospace and other domains.

Dr Jacinta Holloway Brown is a research associate and PhD candidate at the Australian Research Council centre of excellence for mathematical and statistical frontiers (ACEMS) at QUT. Her current research focuses on machine learning and spatial analysis of remote sensing data for environmental statistics. She has developed and taught hands-on workshops on machine learning methods for analysing satellite imagery data for the United Nations. Previously, she worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics for years, more recently in methodology and tourism statistics roles.


Start Date: 21/05/2021 [add to calendar]
Start Time: 12pm (AEST)