Data Science for Social Good

Data Science for Social Good program offered by QUT Centre for Data Science is an initiative to solve some real-world challenges with social impact using data science research. This program invites small projects involving problems or challenges having impact on social good from different not-for-profit organisations. QUT Centre for Data Science, forming a small group consisting of students, data scientists and mentors will deliver the solution to the problems in the form of report, codes, apps, algorithm, models or whichever required to meet the criteria of the projects. The program will be beneficial to both the students and the organisations.

Key Points

  • Short, sharp, impactful.
  • Pro-bono engagement.
  • Standard agreements regarding data access, availability, confidentiality etc.
  • No expectation for academic publications.


More information for:

QUT Participants

Not-for-profit organisations

For any queries about the initiative, please email us.