Data science @ QUT

QUT is perfectly positioned to lead a national entity in data science. Led by internationally-renowned statistician, QUT’s Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen, the centre has a competitive advantage in strength and track record in data analysis, computation and eResearch, cross-disciplinary projects, linkages with relevant Centres of Excellence and Cooperative Research Centres, and national and international networks.

Already investing heavily in courses, people, research and engagement in this space, QUT has committed to a financial investment of $7.5M over five years to fund core research at the centre. Its establishment confirms QUT as a national and international leader in data science, as well as provides a unique environment for training in data science at undergraduate, graduate and professional levels.

Our Network @ QUT

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Our proven track record

Our researchers have delivered on a wide range of projects. Examples include:

  • Big Data Solutions – Sats & Stats. Primary partner: United Nations.

A project that utilised satellite data to identify crops and predict crop yield to help official statistics agencies achieve sustainable agricultural development goals.

A 20-year study on Brisbane’s Queen’s Wharf development, with a focus on gambling impact, connectivity and public sentiment.

  • Spatio-Temporal Modelling – the Australian Atlas of Cancer. Primary partner: Cancer Council Qld.

An accessible, state-of-the-art online tool that shows patterns in the most common cancer incidence and survival rates based on where people live in Australia.Visit the Cancer Atlas website.

  • Complex Systems – Airports of the Future. Partners: 32 organisations, including Brisbane Airport Corp.

A combination of data and models to address airport operational and security challenges – now a multi-disciplinary program involving 32 research partners internationally. Visit the Airports of the Future website.