Business and engineering systems

Domain research

Domain Co-Leaders: Associate Professor Ashish Bhaskar and Professor Adam Clements

Our mission is to brand QUT and its Centre for Data Science as the research partner of choice to provide data driven solutions to the Business and Engineering Systems challenges.

Our vision is to establish a platform to initiate and incubate trans-disciplinary collaborations with a common interest towards cutting edge data driven solutions to the challenges faced by the business and engineering industries.

The Business and Engineering Systems domain (BES), in synergy with other domains of the Centre, will:

  1. Provide networking and collaboration opportunities with academia and industry
  2. Explore new business opportunities
  3. Support data science capacity building through mentoring next generation of researchers
  4. Bridge the gap between research and practice for a real world impact

We are currently mapping the core expertise and research projects of the team. Stay tuned!

Associate Investigators

Data Science @ QUT representatives

Research Fellows