Graduate Spotlight: Dr Abdhul Khadir Seyed Hydroos

The QUT Centre for Data Science is celebrating its graduates. Meet Abdhul Khadir Seyed Hydroos – who just graduated with a PhD!

What is your PhD in?

My PhD is focused on the “Development of optimal traffic control methods for developing countries with mixed traffic and poor lane discipline.” It’s a subject that has captivated my interest from a young age and has driven me to explore and understand the nuances of traffic management.

How did you come to do a PhD on this? Did things change along the way?

My fascination with traffic management stemmed from personal experiences and observations of how well-organized traffic infrastructure could significantly improve the quality of life in developing countries. This passion led me to pursue a Master’s in Technology in Traffic Engineering back in India, where I got firsthand exposure to the challenges unique to countries like India. Recognizing the potential to make a difference in this field, I decided to elevate my expertise by pursuing a PhD.

As I embarked on my PhD journey, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to convert it into a joint PhD with QUT. This change in direction added a new dimension to my research and allowed me to collaborate with experts who shared my passion for data-driven traffic solutions.

How was your PhD journey?

My PhD journey was a rollercoaster of challenges and excitement. While it demanded immense dedication and hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of discovering new insights and overcoming obstacles. The experience taught me invaluable life lessons and honed my soft skills, making me a more resilient and adaptable individual.

Abdhul (right) with his PhD Supervisor Professor Ashish Bhaskar

What else did you do at QUT besides your PhD?

During my time at QUT, I had the privilege of working with big traffic data collected from various sources, such as loops and Bluetooth scanners within the Brisbane network. I got to explore and learn different data visualisation techniques to transform this data into interactive dashboards that provided meaningful insights into traffic patterns and trends. Additionally, I formed cherished friendships that enriched my life and allowed me to explore the beauty of Australia’s eastern seaboard.

How was your experience with the Data Science Centre?

My engagement with the Data Science Centre at QUT was incredibly enriching. Through their seminars and workshops, I gained valuable insights into the entire data lifecycle, from collection to visualization. Their support extended beyond education, as they generously funded my attendance at an important conference in the field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). This experience broadened my horizons and deepened my understanding of the field.

What are you doing now?

I am currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at QUT, where I am applying the knowledge and skills I garnered throughout my research journey. My focus is on developing an efficient and integrated transport system that harnesses the power of data to create smarter, more sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Congratulations, Abdhul!

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