Centre Researchers Awarded ARC DECRAs

Congratulations to Centre researchers Dr Adrianne Jenner & Dr Leah South, both just awarded a “Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA)” by the Australian Research Council. Adrianne and Leah are both lecturers in QUT’s School of Mathematical Sciences. More info on their projects:

  • Dr Adrianne Jenner: “Behind the barrier: using mathematics to understand the neuro-immune system” – This project aims to develop new mathematical methods to study healthy immune cell regulation in the brain and movement across the Blood Brain Barrier. The project expects to develop novel deterministic and stochastic mathematics that captures the stochasticity of immune cells in the Central Nervous System (brain and spine) and form the foundation of a new field of mathematical research: mathematical neuroimmunology. Expected benefits of this project include new mathematical tools, biological insight, and strong interdisciplinary collaborations. From this project, Australia will be placed at the forefront of mathematical research in neuroimmunology, and there will be a complete understanding of homeostasis of the neuro-immune system.
  • Dr Leah South: “Innovating and Validating Scalable Monte Carlo Methods” – This project aims to develop innovative scalable Monte Carlo methods for statistical analysis in the presence of big data or complex mathematical models. Existing approaches to scalable Monte Carlo are only approximate, and their inaccuracies are difficult to quantify. This can have a detrimental impact on data-based decision making. The expected outcomes of this project are scalable Monte Carlo methods that are more accurate, fast and capable of quantifying inaccuracies. Scientists and decision-makers will benefit from the ability to obtain timely, reliable insights for challenging applications.

Complete listing of all the researchers awarded an ARC DECRA.

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