Centre Researcher Awarded QLD Women in STEM Prize

Congratulations to Centre researcher Dr Catherine Kim who is one of four women named as recipients of the 2023 Queensland Women in STEM prize.

(Photo courtesy: Peter Waddington, Queensland Museum)

Catherine was presented with a “Highly Commended Award” for her research into coral rubble and using statistical models and machine learning to assist in maintaining the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

The 2023 Queensland Women in STEM Prize recognises the valuable contribution of Queensland women working in STEM careers and aims to inspire women and girls to study and work in STEM.

“Advice I would give to young girls considering STEM is follow your interests and your passion. STEM can be applied to almost anything. If you really engage with your interest, you can almost always find a STEM angle with which you can study and learn more about it,” says Catherine.

Catherine is the ECR Co-lead for the Centre’s Environment and Natural Systems Domain.  Her research focuses on what happens to coral when it dies and turns into rubble. Specifically, it investigates how much rubble there is and where it is.

In addition to her work as a researcher, Catherine is active in promoting STEM to the next generation. She has been a Young Science Ambassador for the Wonder of Science program since 2016, often visiting schools. She is also involved with R Ladies Brisbane and the geospatial community.

“Good female role models are visible and they’re not afraid to talk about their passions and their work and interact with everybody,” says Catherine.

But she says it’s also important to make sure that women who enter STEM stay there, thrive, and become leaders who will help tackle important issues.

“Just having women at the table, making these decisions that will affect all of us is super important.”

The other women recognised as part of the 2023 Queensland Women in STEM prize:

  • The Judges’ Award: Dr Sue-Ann Watson, James Cook University
  • Breaking Barriers Award: Dr Lena Oestreich, The University of Queensland
  • Highly Commended Award: Dr Jayishni Majaraj, Griffith University
QLD Women in STEM Awardees (L-R): Dr Sue Ann Watson, Dr Catherine Kim, Dr Lena Oestreich, Dr Jayishni Maharaj (Photo courtesy: Peter Waddington, Queensland Museum)

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