Dr Susanna Cramb named Queensland Tall Poppy

Dr Susanna Cramb is on a mission. It has two goals : the first is to uses statistics to make a difference when it comes to the health of millions of Australians. The second is to show other girls they can make the same kind of impact if they choose an education and career with STEM, and more specifically, stats.

Because of her work, the Australian Institute of Policy and Science just selected Susanna as one of the outstanding early career researchers to receive a Queensland 2020 Young Tall Poppy Science Award.
“I am so grateful to all the scientists and statisticians who have played a role in my research, whether they’ve been dead for centuries like Thomas Bayes, or have personally collaborated with or mentored me. I am very conscious of the debt I owe to others,” says Susanna.

Susanna is a member of both the QUT Centre for Data Science and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS).

Read the full story on the ACEMS website

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