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The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

This month, stargazers have been treated to a planetary conjunction as the bright planets Jupiter and Saturn come together, culminating on Monday the 21st of December. Read all about it here.

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Determining the role of environment in the evolution and fate of galaxies.

QUT Astrophysics postgraduate student, Georgia Hartzenberg is on a mission to understand the physical processes that govern galaxies far, far away – back to when the universe was about 1.5 billion years old. Read all about it here

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Hungry Galaxies Revealed as Missing Link

Hungry, hungry galaxies revealed as the missing link in how some get so fat in new research led by the Astro3D team with support from QUT astrophysicist, Dr Michael Cowley…

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Reigniting Interest in Astrophysics

Read all about QUT’s efforts to reinvigorate the astrophysics department in this article from the Brisbane News

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TEDx Talk: Funding Astronomy is Critical to Our Future

In this new TEDx talk, Dr Michael Cowley will highlight why astronomy is critical to our future…

Nobel 2019
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Cosmic Theorist and Planet Hunters share Nobel

This year’s Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded to three researchers for their contributions to otherworldly discoveries. Read all about it in this Conversation article by QUT astrophysicist, Dr Michael Cowley…