Robotics and artificial intelligence

Robots are increasingly used in our homes, hospitals and workplaces. We look at the way robot ‘autonomy’ will test our current laws.

While robots provide opportunities for corporate and government surveillance, this is often in our most intimate settings and can erode our privacy and dignity. The developing technologies also raise concerns about liability, bias in decision-making, safety and impacts on employment.

Our research impacts

Studying AI and robots raises more questions than it provides answers. Through our research, we engage with the following questions:

  • Are our laws adequate to deal with developments in AI and robotics?
  • What form should our laws take?
  • What are the biased decisions made by AI systems?
  • How do we ensure the safety of driverless cars?
  • What does it mean to be human?
  • What values do we share as a society?

Theme leader


  • Dr Michael Guihot

    My research investigates the intersection of new technology and law, including the regulation of artificial intelligence, and the impact of new technologies on power and governance. My current research investigates how changes in global power structures affect private and public governance, and the impact of new technology on legal institutions....

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