Members of the QuBE group have consistently published in leading economic journals and generated large research funding from public bodies to carry out fundamental as well as policy oriented research. In 2011 alone, the group received $1.5 million in funding from the ARC to carry out research in behavioural economics.

Honesty and efficiency in the provision of expert services

Australian Research Council (ARC)

Experts serve us when we see the doctor, the financial planner, or the car mechanic.

Heart rate variability biofeedback coaching in reducing workplace stress

Using mobile heart rate monitors we are able to measure the causes and consequences of stress in a controlled and natural environment and design specific biofeedback interventions to attack primary sources of employee strain.

The role of moral sentiments and emotions in human nature

Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellowship

This project investigates the effects of moral sentiments and emotions on decision processes.

The behavioural birthdate effect

Describes the phenomenon where children born just after the school entry cut-off date are more successful.