Dr Clinton Weeks

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PhD (University of Queensland)


Clinton completed his PhD (cognitive psychology, marketing) at the University of Queensland in 2008.  He was a post-doctoral researcher in the Psychology Department at the Ohio State University between 2008 and 2010.  Clinton currently holds a lecturing position in the QUT Business School where he teaches consumer behaviour and research methods.


Clinton’s research focuses on human memory and cognition at both basic and applied levels.  He is particularly interested in how theoretical ideas about memory and cognition can be advanced through testing with real-world stimuli and in real-world contexts, and relatedly, how theoretical understanding can be useful beyond the laboratory. Much of his work relates to the learning of information which is incidental to the task at hand and the types of errors that people make when processing information.  His work spans several fields including cognitive and experimental psychology, consumer behaviour and marketing communications.


Since arriving at QUT Clinton has been involved in developing the QUT Business School’s Experimental Research Laboratory which allows controlled experimental testing of participants for large research projects.  He was awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Performance Award for Contribution to QUT Research Culture.  In 2012 Clinton was part of the Consumer Research Group which was awarded a High Potential Research Grant ($260,000) through the QUT Business School which will support ongoing research.

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