Postgraduate program

The QuBE group offers an excellent environment for PhD research. Research students receive intensive support and training. Internal and external seminars and workshops, as well as a senior visitor program with a course component, provide an ongoing education to group members and interested scholars inside and outside of QUT.

Research students and research assistants

QuBE hosts many PhD students from Australia and abroad (Europe, Asia) who contribute to our research across a variety of topics:Business meeting

  • Labour economics
  • Happiness and well being
  • Behavioural game theory
  • Risk preferences
  • Experimental economics and trust
  • Credence goods
  • Political economy
  • Social preferences
  • Behaviour under extreme risk
  • Education and inequalities

An active intellectual environment

Members of the group are engaged in a wide range of activities to foster intellectual discussions around fundamental and applied research:

  • School of Economics and Finance seminar
  • QuBE seminars
  • Brown bag seminars: presentation of early projects
  • Reading groups: frontier of research in behavioural sciences