Economic Theory of Behaviour

Qube groupIntegrating economics, psychology and neuroscience, QuBE is exploring the interplay of emotions and rational thoughts that drive behaviour and decision-making.

The Queensland Behavioural Economics Group (QuBE) is a platform that brings together researchers from economics, finance and behavioural sciences to push the frontiers in theoretical and applied behavioural economics research. The group strives to evaluate and inform business and policy decisions through better understanding the motivations and biases of real people.

Behavioural economics combines insights from economics and psychology. The approach is simple: economic decision-making is not purely rational as traditional economic theory assumes. Instead, it’s affected by the way a decision problem is presented, as well as our personal biases, like how we make decisions that involve time differences or how we deal with uncertainty. Behavioural economics attempts to better understand these factors.

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Lead unit: QUT Faculty of Business and Law

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