Policy Submissions

The QUT Centre for Robotics actively contributes to policy change through its strategic engagement with policy-makers and governmental bodies. Through the submission of well-researched and informed proposals, the Centre seeks to influence and shape policies that govern the integration and development of robotics technologies in Australia. By leveraging its expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation, the QUT Centre for Robotics aims to provide valuable insights into the ethical, regulatory, and societal implications of these technologies. Through these efforts, the Centre strives to foster a regulatory environment that encourages innovation while addressing potential challenges and ensuring responsible and inclusive deployment of robotics in various sectors. This engagement underscores the Centre’s commitment to actively participate in shaping the future trajectory of robotics technologies in alignment with societal needs and values.


2023 Submissions and Reports

Response to National Robotics Strategy from the QUT Centre for Robotics

Report – Sovereign, smart, sustainable, Driving advanced manufacturing in Australia (references to submission from CI Prof Jon Roberts and team)