Dr Rune Rasmussen

    Senior Software Engineer

    Dr Rune Rasmussen joined QUT in 2017 as Senior Software Engineer for the Research Engineering Facility. Rune’s interests are in solving and finding high-performing software solutions to problems in complex systems, which, in his current role, involves solving software in robotics and autonomous systems, complex system analysis, and data management systems. Rune has programming skills in small embedded systems, through to distributed network systems, over all major operating systems, with program language skills in Assembly language, C/C++, C#, Java, Javascript, PHP, HTML, SQL, R, Matlab and the Robotic Operating System (ROS).

    Prior to his current role, Rune worked on solving and creating artificial players of board games, creating 3D virtual environments for interactive nurse training, research and development of Monte Carlo statistical methods for solving the expansion parameters of invasive species, for solving optimal eradication programs, and for solving problems in software variant analysis and service refactoring. Rune worked as a lecturer for 7 years, where he developed, coordinated and taught the unit INB383, ‘AI for Games’.