Riki Lamont

    Senior Research Engineer (Robotics & Autonomous Systems)

    Riki holds a degree in Mechatronic engineering and currently works as a Senior Research Engineer (Robotics and Autonomous Systems) for the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), based within the QUT Centre for Robotics. He has previously held roles as a Research Engineer and Senior Research Officer with a focus on Robotics and Autonomous Systems. Since 2016, Riki has delivered and led key hardware and software components to projects within Robotics and Automation and in Biofabrication & Tissue Morphology. Riki has been involved in the design, development, and commissioning of various systems developed at QUT such as the RangerBot and COTSbot AUVs, the CoralAUV in partnership with Australian Institute of Marine Science, and the Seqwater “SAMMI” Autonomous Surface Vehicle. He has extensive experience in supporting researchers in producing engineering solutions and delivering on industry-facing research projects. Riki has developed highly technical and creative solutions to wide range of autonomy and robotics problems