Dr Justin Kennedy

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Research Associate

Justin Kennedy is an engineering and mathematics researcher with the School of Electrical Engineering and Robotics. He is primarily working on cyberphysical systems with Prof Daniel Quevedo. At the QUT Centre for Robotics, Justin is researching Quickest Change Detection problems with Dr Jasmin Martin and Prof Jason Ford, and Bushfire Simulations with Dr Troy Bruggemann. He enjoys learning new concepts and applying engineering and mathematics techniques to problems in the real world.

Justin’s PhD Thesis was lodged for external examination in December 2020. His PhD was a collaborative project with the Maritime Division of the Defence Science and Techology Group to develop nonlinear disturbance observers for adaptive wave filtering. Justin graduated from QUT in 2016 with a double degree in Electrical Engineering (with First Class Honours) and Mathematics (with Distinction).

Key Publications
Suppression of Wave Disturbances and Tracking Control for Marine Systems https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9029664

Bayesian Inference and Prediction of Wave-induced Ship Motion based on Discrete-frequency Model Approximations (Paper Won Conference Young Author Award)

Detection of Parametric Roll Resonance using Bayesian Discrete-Frequency Model Selection