Jenna Riseley

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Research Assistant

Jenna completed their Bachelor of Engineering (Hons I) in 2020, majoring in electrical engineering. They were regularly involved in the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision during their studies, completing two Vacation Research Scheme projects in robotics (supervisor: Dr Jurgen Leitner), and they worked part time as a research assistant on an aerospace project (supervisor: Prof. Jason Ford).

Jenna worked at Dr Leitner’s startup LYRO in 2019-2020, before rejoining the now-Queensland Centre for Robotics. They now continue to work as a research assistant in the Decision theory and Control discipline (D&C), while also pursuing a cross-disciplinary PhD in control theory and power systems.

Interests: Control and decision theory, renewable energy, and the relationships between control theory, estimation theory and reinforcement learning.

Teaching experience: CAB202 Microprocessors and Digital Systems, EGB342 Telecommunications and Signal Processing, EGB439 Advanced Robotics, and EGH445 Modern Control.