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Alumni (PhD)

James Mount is a robotics engineer, engineering educator and technology communicator. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of technology by designing and building robotic systems and assessing their capabilities in real-world applications. James is also passionate about creating and presenting engaging demonstrations to teach others about technology.

James has worked with universities, governments and the private sector for over five years and completed several highly-successful projects. Some of these include, assessing the readiness of the Australian roads for autonomous vehicles on a multi-million dollar government contract. As well as the development and manufacturing of a fleet of mini-autonomous vehicles that are used for research and education.

James’ roles as a sessional academic at the Queensland University of Technology and as a PhD student as part of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has allowed him to explore my passion for education. For the past 10 years, he has taught engineering at QUT and developed engaging demonstrations showing off upcoming robotics technology. Some of his career highlights include guest-starring in several children’s television shows and presenting an interactive demonstration about autonomous vehicles to an audience of a thousand people.

James would love to build ever more sophisticated robots, like Disney’s Robotic Stuntman, as well as continue to create and deliver engaging presentations that help teach the public about all things “technology”. He currently holds an Honours Degree in Mechatronics Engineering and is waiting for his PhD Final Thesis Examination reviews.

Github – github.com/jmount1992
Personal Website – jmount1992.github.io