Gokul B. Nair

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PhD Researcher

I completed my Bachelor of Technology and Master of Science by Research(Dual Degree) at the International Institute of Information Technology(IIIT-H), Hyderabad, India in 2020. My Masters thesis was titled “Monocular Multibody SLAM in Dynamic Environments” and my work involved utilizing pose-graph optimizations to improve vehicular motion estimates including ego-motion using monocular images. Following my interests in Robotics, I spent the next two years working at Addverb Technologies, Noida, India as an Engineer with the Mobile Robotics team. I got an opportunity to understand the Indian manufacturing and warehouse industry, and how they can be automated using mobile robots. I worked on the vision module for a bin-picking solution and was involved in testing, customizations, and site deployment for Autonomous Mobile Robots(AMRs). I spent the following five months working with a household robotics startup in Bangalore, India called Clutterbot Technologies. I was able to work on a project to improve long-term localization using classical monocular approaches while there. My research interests include computer vision, robotics, and deep learning.