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PhD (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Fan Zeng is an Associated Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology. He is now developing low-cost visual localization systems for industrial vehicles. Prior to joining QUT, he was a lecturer in Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He has worked on a downhole mining project with the Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has also developed novel technologies to make tactile sensor arrays for medical robots. Fan received his PhD from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, and holds a Bachelor of Engineering from Tsinghua University.


Additional information

My programming experience started in the 1990s with GWBASIC on a 286 computer. I also have 6+ years of IC fabrication experience in the HKUST clean room. My experience also includes successful research grant application (from NSFC/RGC), “pro se” application of U. S. patent, and having U. S. and Chinese utility patents granted.  I have completed many robotics-related projects in the past years:


Downhole Pressure Sensor

I designed and prototyped novel downhole sensors with nominal pressure up to 120 MPa, as low-cost alternatives to the expensive quartz pressure sensors for the petroleum industry.


Six DOF Under Water Vehicle

I designed and realized a six Degrees of Freedom (DOF) under water vehicle with Arduino and STM32. The vehicle can be freely operated with user input from a gamepad. The underwater vehicle is just above 10 kg in weight and so portable that even a little girl can handle it.


Self-scanned Monolithic Micro Tactile Sensor

I designed and realized a micro tactile sensor with monolithically integrated 16-bit CMOS ring-counter using silicon-migration technology. The 16 rows of the active-matrix pixel array are scanned by the ring counter and the output of the 16 columns is connected to an Analog-to-Digital Converter (AD7490). The image pressed onto the 16*16 tactile sensor is processed by a micro-controller (LPC1114) and displayed on a computer screen.


High Resolution Capacitive Sensor Data Acquisition System

I realized an embedded system for capacitive sensor signal processing with AD7176-2. The switch capacitor differential Op-Amp circuitry with running average achieves reliable output with fF resolution.


Finite Element Simulation of Silicon Migration

I developed a front-tracking simulator that can accept user input of an initial shape profile and evolve the interface contour according to the governing partial differential equation.


Bi-stable Mechanical Switch

I designed and fabricated micro mechanical switches and demonstrated bi-stability by pushing them with chevron type thermal actuators.


Infrared Pulsed Semiconductor Laser Range Finder

I designed and fabricated PCBs for data acquisition and MCU (MSP430) communications with precision timing ICs.