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PhD (Queensland University of Technology), BEng(Hons)(Elec) (Queensland University of Technology)

Ben is a roboticist working at the intersection of novel research and the engineering required to bring these advances in robotics to the real world. He relishes the challenges that arise in translating research to real world applications, often drawing inspiration from our understanding of human cognitive processes when creating solutions. His research interests include cognitive robotics, artificial intelligence, and real world applications of robotic systems. He currently holds the position of Research Fellow at the Queensland University of Technology, working in both the Australian Center for Robotic Vision (ACRV) and QUT Centre for Robotics (QCR). With over 8 years of experience in robotics, Ben has worked on projects with a blend of both research and engineering outcomes. His PhD research was the core of an ARC Discovery Project (DP140103216) on using the human cues in built environments for robot navigation. Since, he has been working on facilitating the translation of novel research to the real world with the Evaluation and Benchmarking project in the ACRV. The work has created BenchBot; software that allows researchers to explore the performance of their novel research in photorealistic 3D simulation and on real robot platforms, with only a few lines of code. Ben is passionate about creating work that strengthens the robotics community, which has resulted in high-quality open source software like BenchBot and OpenSeqSLAM2.0. Ben received his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours I) in Electrical Engineering in 2012, and PhD in 2018 from the Queensland University of Technology. Throughout his PhD, Ben occupied head tutoring roles in Advanced Robotics and Microprocessors & Digital Systems. All facets of Ben's work to date---research, teaching, and studies---have been recognised with awards. Awards and recognitions
  • 2015: Best Student paper at the Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation (ACRA)
  • 2015: Vice-Chancellor's Award for Excellence Finalist (Academic)
  • 2015: Vice-Chancellor's Performance Award (Teaching)
  • 2009: Dean's Scholars Award
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