Alicia Mitchell

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    PhD Researcher

    Alicia is a PhD candidate specializing in human-robot interaction (HRI) at Queensland University of Technology. Her diverse background includes a Bachelor of Business degree with a major in Logistics and Operations Management from the University of Southern Queensland and a Master of Information Technology degree with a major in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from QUT.

    Alicia’s current research focuses on designing social robots to support people with intellectual disabilities in work environments. Her work centres on developing applications that facilitate interactions in various modalities to support learning and skill development. Alicia is particularly interested in understanding how social robots are perceived and accepted within communities, and how they can empower individuals to achieve greater self-determination. She is also exploring how social robots might become catalysts for human connection and inclusivity, and the ripple effects that social robots have on interpersonal and group dynamics to deliver benefits beyond their expected functional purpose.

    Alicia is using co-design and participatory design approaches, collaborating closely with partner disability support organizations and participants in real-world environments to ensure that her research is grounded in practical and meaningful applications that address the needs of the individuals she is working with.