Dr Alejandro Fontan Villacampa

Research Fellow

I graduated from University of Zaragoza in 2017 with a Bachelor and Master of Industrial Engineering. Since July 2017 I did six months internship as a software engineer in Computer Vision at the Austrian company Wikitude GmbH that provides AR technology for smartphones, tablets and digital eyewear.

I started a PhD in System Engineering and Programming in March 2018 at the University of Zaragoza (Advisor: Dr. Javier Civera) in full collaboration with the DLR German Aerospace Center (co-Advisor: Dr. Rudolph Triebel). My research titled: Information-Driven Navigation, studies new probabilistic methods to improve robustness and efficiency of Visual SLAM.

The core of my work and contributions is contained in three main articles published in first conferences and journals of the field:

  • Alejandro Fontan*, Javier Civera, Rudolph Triebel, Information-Driven Direct RGB-D
    Odometry, 2020 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2020. Oral presentation.
    Paper. Presentation. Video.
  • Alejandro Fontan*, Laura Oliva, Javier Civera, Rudolph Triebel, A Model for Multi-View
    Residual Covariances based on Perspective Deformation (Accepted in RA-L ICRA 2021).
    Provisional Paper. Video.
  • Alejandro Fontan*, Riccardo Giubilato, Laura Oliva, Javier Civera, Rudolph Triebel, SIDSLAM:
    Semi-Direct Information-Driven RGB-D SLAM, (to be submitted to RA-L)
    Simultaneously I have developped my work as researcher at the German Aerospace Center
    (DLR) with additional publications in Robotics and Computer Vision fields: DOT (paper,
    video), MADMAX (paper, web).

On September 1, 2022 I joined the Queensland University of Technology as a research fellow. My research with supervisor Michael Milford will focus on developing better visual uncertainty models and applying Information Theory to Visual Odometry and SLAM systems, with the goal of boosting their accuracy and robustness and reducing their computational footprint.

For more information about my work please find my Scholar, Linkedin and Twitter and don’t hesitate to contact me.