Human-robot interaction

The QCR HRI program explores Human Robot Interaction from a human-centered perspective, extending beyond individual interactions to collaboration and socio-technical considerations. We study how people use robots in real situations, we codesign ways for robots to work with humans, we examine the ethical and workforce impacts of robots in our society.

Our research generates outcomes that guide responsible innovation in robotics with guidelines, provocations and new concepts. Our interests and projects span several aspects of HRI and several application areas, but more particularly:

  • Collaborative robotics for inclusion
  • Human-Robot interaction for manufacturing
  • Implications of latest developments artificial intelligence for human-robot interaction

This research program builds on partnerships with manufacturing partners as part of the Australian Cobotics Centre and ARMHub, as well as partnerships with disability service organisations. Placing humans at the centre of our approach means that we can create opportunities rather than barriers for all workers, help businesses to become inclusive and keep workers engaged and interested. We welcome new partners invested in the wellbeing of workers through mutually beneficial collaborations with robots.


PhD Topics


Led by A/Prof Laurianne Sitbon