Our centre is committed to providing resources for undergraduate level students to develop their interests in robotics.


QUT also offers a variety of undergraduate level courses that involve more detailed instructions on the mechanics of robotics and autonomous systems.

QUT also offers undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in the Vacation Research Experience which allows you to research your passion in Robotics for around 6-10 weeks over the summer.

Penguin-Pi Robot

This is an open-source mobile robot we developed for teaching undergraduate mobile robotics, robotic vision and SLAM. It has differential drive, RaspberryPi-4 processor with camera and WiFi, inbuilt web server and RESTful communications protocol. Complete units can be purchased from Cirrus Robotics, a startup company created by some of our Research Engineers.

YouTube Lectures

A legacy set of video lectures funded by a Small Teaching and Learning grant titled “No Student Left Behind Online Learning”. The aim was to provide a high quality set of dedicated video lectures (rather than recorded normal lectures) covering the theoretical content in the QUT Introduction to Robotics course (then code ENB339, currently code EGB339). See this page to learn more.



PenguinPi mobile robot for undergraduate teaching
PenguinPi mobile robot for undergraduate teaching