Robot Academy: university-level resources

Robotics and Autonomous Systems is a broad field. It is difficult for you to know what to look for, or where to start. This is why we have developed an online academy, the QUT Robot Academy.  Access free-to-use undergraduate-level learning resources for robotics and robotic vision. The content is available as individual lessons (over 200 videos, each less than 10 minutes long) or a masterclass (a collection of videos, around 1 hour in duration, like a lecture). Although targeted at undergraduate-level around 20% of the lessons require no more than general knowledge, and the required knowledge (on a 5-point scale) is indicated for each lesson

Undergraduate courses

QUT also offers a variety of undergraduate level courses that involve more detailed instructions on the mechanics of robotics and autonomous systems.

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechatronics)

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Aerospace)

Penguin-Pi Robot

This is an open-source mobile robot we developed for teaching undergraduate mobile robotics, robotic vision and SLAM.  It has differential drive, RaspberryPi-4 processor with camera and WiFi, inbuilt web server and RESTful communications protocol.  Complete units can be purchased from Cirrus Robotics below.

YouTube Lectures

A legacy set of video lectures funded by a Small Teaching and Learning grant titled “No Student Left Behind Online Learning”. The aim was to provide a relatively high quality set of dedicated video lectures (rather than recorded normal lectures) covering the theoretical content in the QUT Introduction to Robotics course (then code ENB339, currently code EGB339). See this page to learn more.

Postgraduate studies

We have over 30 PhD students undertaking research in a diverse range of topics spanning robotic vision, bio-inspired robotics, aerospace autonomy, medical robotics and beyond. See more information about joining the team for your post graduate studies.


The QUT Centre for Robotics is involved in a range of outreach and educational activities within the K-12 sector, including:

Outreach Talks

Robotics researchers and students regularly give talks at schools and school events.


QUT’s biennial robotics and technology festival, running 2015 – 2019.

Math Thrills

A QUT-funded (also with funding from the AMP Foundation, AIP Tall Poppies, Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering and multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns) educational startup combining entertainment with STEM education, in the form of storybooks, novels, movies, workshops and games. Have the storybook “Robot Revolutionread to you.


Cirrus Robotics

A Brisbane based Robotics/Automation company that specialises in areas including school workshops focusing on robotics.


Robot Academy - online, university-level resources

Robot Academy – online, university-level resources

PenguinPi mobile robot for undergraduate teaching

Math Thrills - a startup mixing entertainment and STEM education for K-12
Math Thrills – a startup mixing entertainment and STEM education for K-12

Robotronica 2019

Introduction to Robotics video lecture series
Introduction to Robotics video lecture series