Brisbane  is a very pleasant place to live.  It’s a  city of 2.2M (Australia’s third largest), with outstanding beaches one hour’s drive north (Sunshine Coast) or south (Gold Coast aka Surfer’s Paradise).  The Brisbane River winds its way though the city.

The climate is sub-tropical with  daily temperatures  ranging from 20-30C (summer, 70-90F) and 10-20C (winter, 50-70F).  We don’t do snow, ice storms or tornados (which sometimes makes gathering interesting vision-based datasets challenging).  There are lots of parks and gardens and you can get around by bus, train and high-speed ferries.

On the tech side there is a strong startup culture and a significant group of companies involved in robotics making Brisbane Australia’s robotics hub and supporting Australia’s first robotics cluster – the Queensland Robotics cluster.

The Centre for Robotics is based at QUT’s downtown campus, close to the Botanical gardens, and accessible by public transport trains, buses and ferries.