Our Centre

The QUT Centre for Robotics was founded in January 2020 and builds on early work in avionics and aerospace systems and a decade of research and investment in robotics at QUT. We are at the forefront of the new research area of robotic vision—exemplified by our lead role in the ARC CoE for Robotic Vision. The applications of our research extend to agriculture, health and medicine, environmental monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, manufacturing, mining and construction,

Within the Australian robotics landscape, QUT has the largest and fastest growing research group in the country. Over the last five years we have published 77 journal articles and 238 conference papers; been awarded $37.82M in competitive grant funding (including an ARC Centre of Excellence) and $3.58M funding from Cooperative Research Centres; and generated $796K in commercial research and consultancy activities. In that time, we have produced 19 PhD and 7 Masters graduates.

The Center comprises 13 academics (including 5 professors), 10 postdoctoral researchers, 2 research engineers as well as research assistants and visitors.