World-leading roboticists

Robots and other autonomous systems are changing the way we live, work and play. Applications span a range of industries from health to transport, manufacturing to agriculture, even energy and environmental sensing. QUT’s Robotics and Autonomous Systems research focuses on the development of technology that can be used to improve our understanding and management of the world around us, and will benefit humanity.

Our researchers are world leaders in this field, internationally recognised for their work in areas such as vision-based tracking and manipulation of objects, and enabling navigation of mobile robots. This research has already led to the development of numerous prototypes including:

QUT is also the headquarters of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision. Our work in robot vision – enabling robots to perceive, sense, understand and learn – will provide increased productivity in industries critical to Australia’s economy.

We are also committed to education at undergraduate and PhD levels.  Our students and research fellows have gone on to careers at international universities (Oxford, ETH Zürich, Örebro, Carnegie-Mellon and Stanford) and companies (Continental, Oxbotica, Uber).