UAVs with slung/swung loads

Why does it matter?

Suspended loads on UAVs can provide significant benefits to several applications in agriculture, law enforcement and construction. The load impact on the underlying system dynamics should not be neglected as significant feedback forces may be induced on the vehicle during certain flight manoeuvres. Much research has focused on standard multi-rotor position and attitude control with and without a slung load. However, predictive control schemes, such as Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC), have not yet been fully explored.

Project Overview

This research focuses on software and flight system architecture to test controller for safe and precise operation of multi-rotors with heavy slung load in three dimensions.

Milestones & Achievements

  • Simulation Environment created
  • System identification completed
  • Visual servoing of a quadrotor with suspended slung load for object detection and tracking completed

Other Team Members

  • Jan Trachte
  • Stefan Notter
  • Alexander Heckmann
  • Markus Zurn
  • Marwen Jabuer