UAV Remote Sensing and AI for Environmental Monitoring in Antarctica and in Polar Regions


This core aim of this project is to develop a UAV-based remote sensing platform to quantify and map spatial and temporal variation in biodiversity in Antarctica to understanding and forecasting biodiversity parameters (or drivers) that have an immediate correlation with changes in Antarctic terrestrial systems. Key objectives for this project include monitoring the vegetation through smart sensors and artificial intelligence, modelling microclimates, and producing accurate maps of protected areas and other ice-free regions.

The research is conducted as part of Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF), a $36 million research program funded by the Australian Research Council as a special research initiative.

Through this program you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide-ranging group of experts in UAV remote sensing, and in biology in the context of Antarctic ecosystems to make your models as relevant and applicable as possible. Your modelling may also contribute to future decision-making for the management of Antarctica, to protect this pristine ecosystem for future generations.

Chief Investigators

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