Multiple Target Finding and Action Using Unmanned Aerial Systems

Why it matters?

This project will explore the capacity of low cost unmanned aerial system (UASs) and computer vision techniques for target finding and action application such as spot spraying weedicides or collection of weed/pest samples. The ultimate aim of this project is to add real time weed management capabilities to low cost UAS for control of invasive species such as sphere thistle weed.


The aim of this project is to use vision-based target detection and navigation techniques for real-time weed control using UAS.

The project objectives are:

  1. The development of system framework for low cost UAS for the purpose of onboard decision making for single target detection and action.
  2. Extend and improve the developed system framework for multiple target detection and action.
  3. Adapt and modify the framework for spot spraying application in site-specific treatment.
  4. Evaluation and testing of the framework in outdoor environments.

Milestones & Achievements

  • Integration of multi-rotor UAV, onboard processing system and camera was completed.
  • A simulation test setup for testing the developed system framework.
  • Development of system framework prototype 1 for single target finding and action.
  • Single target finding and action capabilities of the prototype 1 was successfully demonstrated in multiple field trials
  • Development of system framework prototype 2 for multiple target finding and action.

Other Team Members

  • Ajmal Hinas Mohamed Natheer
  • Dr. Roshan G Ragel