Estimation and control of networked cyberphysical systems

Cyberphysical systems (CPS) integrate sensors, communication networks, controllers, dynamic processes and actuators. CPS play an increasingly important role in modern society, in areas such as energy, transportation, manufacturing, healthcare. Due to the interplay between control systems, communications and computations, the design of CPS requires novel approaches, which bridge disciplinary boundaries.

This PhD project will develop engineering science and methods for the analysis and design of CPS operating in closed loop. Your research will bring together elements of control systems engineering, as well as telecommunications and machine learning.

Also involving Prof Jason Ford

Two related publications:

  1. Deep reinforcement learning for wireless sensor scheduling in cyber-physical systemsAutomatica, 2020
  2. Controller and scheduler codesign for feedback control over IEEE 802.15.4 networksIEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2016

Chief Investigators